Yutaka Yamaguchi
Manager, Human Resources Development

Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.

It was a great experience for me to work together with Maya Hu-Chan in Tokyo. I was so impressed by her professional manners. I am confident that all the senior leaders felt positive to receive coaching from her. They listened to her well and committed surprisingly aggressive due dates for their development plan! She is a very accountable coach.

Xiang Wang

Qualcomm China

After my first meeting with Maya, I knew immediately that she would be a terrific coach for me. She immediately put me at ease, yet through the course of our work together managed to fundamentally enhance the way I manage my team, whether the team worked across the hall from me, or half way around the world.  Her knowledge of global leadership, both in theory and practice, is unparalleled, and her impact on me has been immeasurable. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a world class executive coach.

Tom Perryman
Director, People Development

Fluor Corporation

Maya Hu-Chan is without a doubt one of the most skilled and knowledgeable workshop leaders we have ever used.  In a very short period she has become our "go to" partner in helping our leaders improve their skills in working effectively across cultures--a skill set that is critical for Fluor's continued success.  She consistently gets the highest marks from our participants---and they are very tough graders!  She is a true professional and delight to work with.  Any organization seeking help in developing cross-cultural business and leadership skills need look no further than Maya.

Stephanie McMurrey

Qualcomm Learning Center

Maya is an experienced, professional and knowledgeable consultant. I have been lucky enough to work closely with her on various virtual team initiatives for our company and have seen Maya provide insightful information, industry best practices and easy to implement practical tips which are changing the way our employees manage globally. Maya is a valuable resource and an incredible find.

Sherri Neasham


Maya Hu-Chan has a gift for the balance between tough love and empathy. She insists on dealing with brutal reality but always provides warmth and assurance in like measure. She requires self-responsibility but always stands ready to be a loyal, supportive wingman.

Shankar Ram
Vice President
Strategic Alignment & Integration


I have had the pleasure and privilege to be personally coached by Maya for a year. She impressed me with not just her professional prowess and expertise in coaching but also the genuine way she makes the connection. The sincerity of purpose is evident. The cross cultural sensitivities and dynamics one can imbibe from her coaching is invaluable.

Sean Williams
Vice President

Belkin International

I worked with Maya over a year-long period as my executive coach.  Maya was extremely effective at giving me insights and perspectives that had been unavailable and invisible to me otherwise.  I learned a lot about myself and grew immeasurably as a leader through my work with Maya.  These results can be measured directly in the disproportionate improvement in the employee engagement scores in my region.  Maya asks penetrating questions and provides positive help and support as you build and execute your plan to reach your goals.  The stakeholder interview process that she conducted was particularly helpful and insightful.  I have a large number of direct reports that Maya consulted with, and through her coaching, guidance, and encouragement I was able to much more effectively meet their needs and the needs of the organization.  The insights uncovered by Maya have been useful not only to me, but have also been invaluable to my team, the executive team, and to my direct supervisor.  As a result of the great results that came out of our work together, Maya is now coaching others at Belkin.  I would enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend Maya, and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Sarah Saucy
Sr. HR Business Partner

Electro Scientific Industries

Maya has conducted several classes for ESI both domestic and in Asia.  This is the first time we've done anything like this in our company's 60+ years of doing business.  The classes were customized to our specific needs and the positive response has been overwhelming!  Maya is upbeat and positive and keeps the class moving along.  A full day program is a long time for most of our employees to sit in a training session.  Yet the evaluations keep coming back asking for longer sessions and more of them.  Maya is amazing!

Rueybin Kao
former President of Motorola China

Chairman of Hewlett-Packard Asia

I consider Maya not only as an exceptional executive coach, but a true asset to my own professional and personal development. Her energy, positive attitude and genuine concern for my success helped me realize my own potential in managing my team both here and abroad.  While our coaching program was completed several years ago, I continue to appreciate Maya as a sounding board on issues I currently work on and as usual, I find her invaluable in many aspects of my work.  She has managed to bring out the best in me.

Philip O. Hwang, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Global Leadership Conference Professor
Emeritus School of Leadership & Educational Science

University of San Diego

Dear Maya, On behalf of the Global Leadership Conference held last month at Shanghai Hilton Hotel, I want to take this opportunity to express our most sincere gratitude for your participation at our conference. Your keynote address was most enthusiastically embraced by the almost 200 participants. Your speech was profound and yet practical. They greatly appreciated your extensive handouts with useful activities for both personal and group learning. Finally, your knowledge and sensitivity to cultural and global diversities were evident throughout your presentation. These are extremely valuable for most of the representatives from multi-national companies.

Patty McKay
Senior Manager, OD and Learning

LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Maya for several years. She is a consummate professional and a wonderful person. When my company was searching for a partner to develop an approach to cross cultural development, I immediately thought of Maya. She agreed to work with us and, through that process, modeled great partnering behaviors. As a result of her focus on our success, we now have a custom solution that is operationalized in a way that meets our needs.  Without hesitation, I recommend Maya as an excellent business partner and look forward to our continued collaboration!

Monica Francois Marcel

Language & Culture Worldwide, LLC

Maya Hu-Chan is a world class consultant on all things related to global leadership and she is the very first resource we turn to her for any projects related to China and Taiwan. We are fortunate to have worked with Maya on many occasions over the last few years. Clients are always delighted with her deep expertise as well as her sparkling presentation skills.

Michael Meehan
President, Rapid Diagnostics

BD Diagnostics

I wanted to let you know that all of us that attended the session learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. You were very knowledgeable and you covered the material in an interesting and enjoyable way. Not only did you give us tips on the Chinese culture, but you also helped us out with Japanese and Korean culture as well. After the meeting everyone was left with a desire to do more in this area. Many ideas were generated from let's make sure our Chinese colleagues do a session on American culture to a suggestion that we have a joint meeting and make this a major topic between the top management of both our Chinese and American management teams. Maya is an expert, but comes across in a very friendly and accommodating way. She puts us at ease and makes this a fun topic.

Devesh Rathore


Maya did a fantastic job facilitating sessions on “5 Emerging Leadership Competencies for Global Leaders” and “Working and Communicating in America” in an Leadership Development Conference for the Asian and Pacific Islander community within Microsoft. She was adept in tailoring the communication to suit the audience profile and despite the large number of participants succeeded in making the learning experience very interactive. She connected very easily with the audience and won their respect and attention through her subject matter expertise and her engaging personality. What is special about her is that she unfailingly manages to draw out participation from the attendees and makes her core message sticky! All the participants were delighted with her sessions and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It was our pleasure to host her and we will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a leadership development coach.

Michael Hester
Senior Director-Revenue Cycle

Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

Maya’s executive mentoring/coaching will have a lasting impact on my approach to leadership.  Maya’s ability to empathize and her poised communication style has supported me in creating a viable action plan towards success. Not only did she provide support during our meetings, but she would make herself available anytime I had questions or just needed someone to run ideas through. As a result of this, I’ve built a more meaningful rapport with my business relationships – specifically, my leadership team.  As a leader, her insights hold me accountable which has translated to better connections and interactions within my department.  I enjoyed this learning experience and highly recommend her as an executive coach.

Mary Ann Fairall
Guidant (Abbott Vascular)
Senior Associate

Global Talent & Organization Development

My quest of a coach began with my need, as an Individual Contributor in Organizational Development, to improve my skill in presenting with impact.   I found Maya to be an excellent listener.    Her process of conducting a 360 review and personal interviews gave me positive direction in creating my development plan. Her suggestions for my plan were very thoughtful and helpful.  The learning experiences were instrumental in my being able to noticeably improve my ability to interact with others with impact and to add excitement to the various training experiences I facilitate.  I appreciated her approach to include the whole person, including all aspect of my life in the development process.

Marshall Goldsmith

America's #1 executive coach, Best selling author

I have had the opportunity to work with Maya Hu-Chan for many years.  She is a fantastic teacher, coach and expert in cross-cultural issues.  I have recommended her to many of my clients in the past - and will be happy to do so in the future.  She has the unique ability of being able to work effectively with leaders - at all levels - from around the world.   Marshall Goldsmith is the author or co-editor of 22 books including: “Global Leadership: The Next Generation” (with Maya Hu-Chan) and “What Got You Here Won't Get You There” a New York Times best seller and Wall Street Journal #1 business book.

Aruna Joglekar
Program Director

Linkage Inc.

Maya is a world class speaker!  She never fails to make an unforgettable impression on all of us.  She engages the audience, offers insightful information, and delivers her presentations with such energy and good humor that we are left both well informed and entertained.  She consistently draws some of the best feedback from the participants and that is why we invite her back year after year.

Kristin Johnston
Training & Development Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Maya on the development of our pilot program, Managing Diverse Teams.  Developing people is a critical component of managing teams, yet a very tricky task when faced with myriad cultural differences among team members.  Rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach work for everyone in the team.  Maya’s experience and level of engagement in this topic was inspirational to our people, and Maya challenged them to think critically about their own leadership style and how to adapt it to achieve results.  She is approachable and funny, and has a knack for making different personalities all feel comfortable in the class, which results in meaningful discussion throughout the day.  We are looking forward to future sessions with Maya.

KinYuen Ng
Vice President, Operations


I am very grateful to have Maya as my coach. She was proactively involved in the entire process of assisting me identifying and working through specific goals to help me further contribute to the organization. In working with Maya, I found her very sincere, open and positive. Her approach is very objective and she is always able to link goals we worked on to achieve business needs.

Ken Wheatley
Senior Vice President

Sony Electronics Inc.

If you are truly committed to becoming a better leader, then you need a coach like Maya to not only help you formulate the plan, but more importantly, help you achieve it.

Justin Randles
Group Publisher

Human Resources Magazine

“We engaged Maya Hu-Chan to be one of the headline speakers at our flagship annual conference, Talent Management Asia, in April 2015. In addition to bringing her unique perspective on cross-cultural management issues to the event, Maya was a joy to deal with. She was willing to take on additional duties to improve the conference, and she was a professional & enthusiastic presenter & moderator. I would be happy to recommend Maya as a speaker or moderator.”

Judith Eberl

Generali Group

Maya helped us tailoring a leadership program specifically for our operations in Asia. She dedicated huge efforts in understanding our organization’s needs and designed a wonderful program for us. Running the program with people coming from all over the world and with very diverse cultural backgrounds, she showed an extraordinary adaptability and flexibility towards each group and was very empathic and caring for each individual participant. It is really a pleasure working with Maya!

Jon Pershke
VP, Global Operations/Supply Chain

Strategy & Transformation


Maya was a pleasure to work with.  I was especially looking for a coach that was bi-lingual and could help me develop a deeper understanding of how to develop interpersonal relationships across cultures.  Maya clearly delivered on both counts.  Her ability to conduct 360 interviews in native language provided a depth of understanding of improvement areas that I hadn’t had before.  Her experience with other cultural backgrounds helped to then develop action plans that were meaningful.  I recommend this approach for anyone dealing with cross cultural business relationships.

Joan Waltman

QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions

I was delighted to have Maya Hu-Chan recommended to me as an executive coach.  I had requested this support to gain additional insight and understanding of cross-cultural communications and how my business practices aligned or differed from those of the executives and professionals I would be working with around the world.  Maya provided me with a meaningful and memorable coaching experience with lessons and an understanding that I could put into practice immediately.  She also provided me with a clearer understanding of how I view the business world and what that might mean when doing business in a cross-cultural environment.    My appreciation for the culture I entered into and the people that I met was deeper and more meaningful after spending time with Maya, and our business meetings and relations were enhanced as a result.  I would recommend Maya to anyone who is looking for an executive coach with global experience and insight.

Elizabeth B. Wood


Maya, Thank you for the contribution you have made to the IBM GCG ALeaP Program.   You have been an outstanding partner and collaborator as we designed and delivered the program for 23 of our high potential future leaders in Greater China Group.  As you know, this was the first of a kind program for us, where we collaborated with the Levin Institute to develop a program to accelerate the development of our high potential line leaders for general management roles.  As part of the Levin faculty, your ability to listen carefully to our requirements and deliver flawlessly is truly impressive.  One example that stands out in my mind was your ability to absorb and articulate our IBM Leadership Competencies in your work with the ALeaP participants.  Few consultants outside of IBM would have taken the time to so thoroughly learn our Leadership Competencies and so seamlessly use them with our participants.  The advice you have given our future leaders - through your lectures and individual coaching has been greatly appreciated by our future leaders and the ALeaP design team.  The feedback from the program participants has been highly positive.  Your engaging and energetic style has and continues to be an important ingredient to the success of the program.   Maya, working with you has been a delightful experience!  I look forward to continuing our work together as we prepare to deliver the next phase of the ALeaP Program.

GN Low
Integrated Supply Chain Quality

Motorola, Inc.

Maya’s “Global & Virtual Leadership” program has truly raised my leadership skill to the next level as I have progressed in my career from regional to global position now. Putting into practice for every opportunity has accelerated my confidence working with virtual teams. The result speaks for itself with good recognition from my senior leaders, sub-ordinates, colleagues and business partners.

Gary De Spain
Director, Executive Development

University of California, San Diego

I would like to express my appreciation for the fine work you have done for our people in the Leadership & Management Program at University of California, San Diego.  Your great insights coupled with real world experience is very helpful to bring understanding about the best way to work with people of other cultures.  I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Doug Farndale
Advanced Technologies Group

Cisco Systems

Maya is an experienced, professional and knowledgeable training instructor. She has a very strong understanding of her field of expertise and was able to lead a 2 day workshop to meet my requested outcomes. We had several conference calls before the training in which she gauged what was required and we agreed on realistic achievable objectives. At the end of the session, I felt we had covered 98% of my objectives and had moved the team to a new level of performance. This has been evident over the past few months as I observe the change in the team members behaviour and interaction.  In our "Team in Motion" training session we focused on team dynamics, team charter, individual styles, stakeholders - what we do; what we don't do and how to communicate together respectfully. Many of my team we're skeptical of this "soft skills" training however after the event, even the most difficult team member said he had benefited from the training. There was a dramatic change in the cohesion of the team and the communication has remained within the guidelines we established with the class (all be it with an occasional reference to the agreed communication rules). In front of a group, Maya commands attention with a very pleasant, influential style. My team are very experienced technical sales professionals who, at times can be demanding and difficult to motivate (hence the training). Maya kept the course on track and on time using a style which was non-confrontational yet effective. Several team members have referred back to the training. Either to manage respectful conversation "to be heard" without falling into confrontation or simply to express to me what they gained out of the course and its value to the smooth running of the team. Frankly, that alone would have been enough for me. However, I also found the 2 day course was a great way to guide the team to look at their own performance and activities - without having to facilitate that on my own, as their manager. Ultimately, I found the session had a very powerful effect on the team. I liked how Maya customized the content to focus on my teams needs and adjusted the time to address key issues on the fly. This is an endorsement of her confidence, influencing skills and her knowledge of the materials. Based on the results, I'm actually considering next year to bring Maya back to facilitate another team performance session.

Darlene J.S. Solomon, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer

Agilent Technologies

I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Maya Hu-Chan as my executive coach for the last 1.5 years. She has excellent knowledge of the broad skills essential to world class leadership, especially in the operation of global organizations and teams. Based on her years of coaching experience and contribution to the field of management effectiveness, as well as her engaging personality, Maya has developed an extensive global network across her field which she generously makes available to those who work with her for specific topics of interest. However, what I think most differentiates Maya is her consistently high level of energy and her ability to listen so astutely and generatively. I have found this latter capability especially valuable not only in the time we spend together, but also in her interviews that solicit feedback from key members of my work environment. I have partnered with Maya in two very different executive roles, and in each case, she has really helped me focus on what I most need to do to maximize my effectiveness and add significant value in those organizations. She often helps me accelerate my own thinking and focus on priorities through her experience, intelligence, and ability to ask the right questions. In addition, she is a thoughtful and sensitive coach with a great sense of humor. I could not have made a better choice in selecting Maya amongst the coaches I interviewed when presented with this opportunity.

Dan Stone
President and General Manager

Lenovo Brazil

Working with Maya has been a great experience as she helped me develop my own self-awareness and leadership skill with a clear focus on a global multi cultural environment, Maya’s background and experiences made her uniquely positioned to do so

Cynthia Persichini
Director or Global Procurement

The Pampered Chef

Maya Hu-Chan has successfully developed and led two in depth seminars for our Cross Functional team with a specific focus on cross cultural negotiations and leadership.  Maya’s experience and expertise in the global arena were instrumental in creating meaningful and applicable programs for our team.  She established a very positive and comfortable atmosphere that facilitated a memorable learning experience and inspired us to think outside of today’s business methods.   Maya’s has the ability to relate to all professional levels and seamlessly imparted her knowledge to refocus our mind set.  We consider Maya a member of our Pampered Chef team and appreciate the efforts she has made to improve our effectiveness and awareness as leaders both internally and globally.

Carol M. Olsby
GPHR TietoEnator Director
Global Human Resources

Chair, Global HR Consortium
SHRM WA Council International Director

Maya Hu-Chan is a recognized expert on global cultural and business issues. She has co-authored several business books on these topics and is very well-known in the business community. We were very fortunate to have had her present at our annual Global HR Consortium seminar. She gave a phenomenal presentation where she provided the attendees with an overview of the global cultural business arena to include current and future trends. Her presentation was extremely informative, lively and interactive. Maya’s presentation far exceeded our expectations. All of the attendees walked away from this seminar with many “nuggets” of valuable information.   As a senior global human resources professional who works for a large international technology company and also represents global human resources organizations, I highly recommend Maya to you for your global cultural and business management consulting needs.

Liz Barron
Director of Leadership Programs

The Brookings Institution

Brookings prides itself on global presence, global impact and global thinking and so we were pleased to be able to showcase your expertise at our recent executive education program. Thanks for sharing your energy, good humor and knowledge with America’s public leaders. Your presentation contributed a lot to the success of The Empowered Executive.

Beth Manning
Life Science and Chemical Analysis

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Hi Maya, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your guidance, coaching and friendship during this last year. The experience of working with you as an executive coach has been very rewarding, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. When we first met, discussed my objectives and structured a development plan I was unsure of what to expect. Since then our conversations have been great opportunities to explore ideas and challenge habits. Your coaching has helped me build confidence in my abilities as a leader, and in my commitment to my purpose. And I know that you've helped me better connect and communicate with my employees, my peers and my manager. Thank you for your insight, and for leading me through this process of discovery. I look forward to the ongoing process.

Barbara Chan

International Coach Federation Global Executive Coaching SIG

Maya Hu-Chan's ability to share her knowledge about global leadership through her thought-provoking presentation engaged the global audience at the International Coaching Federation. She's an inspiring speaker!

Anthony Vincent


Maya challenged my self-awareness about how I engaged others. She shared practical ideas on building relationship and inspiring teams – simple fundamentals that are easy to put into action. I also appreciated her global perspective and her grasp of cultural dynamics. I’m better prepared now to lead through the storms of change. Thank You, Maya!

Allan Jason
Vice President, Marketing

SONY Electronics Corporation

I have recently completed Executive Coaching with Maya Hu-Chan and would state that it was a very positive and beneficial experience. As a result of her coaching, my confidence in my abilities have risen, my communication skills advanced, and I have been able to position myself to where I can now take my career to the next level. I would strongly recommend Maya as an executive coach.

Aidan O'Meara

VF Corporation, Asia Pacific

Maya has been an important and trusted advisor for us in the work we have done to define, communicate and embed our company culture, in a relevant way, to our Asian leaders and associates. By virtue of her background and experience she understands well our talent management challenges as the Asia Pacific region assumes ever more importance  and as we try to nurture a new, diverse generation of leaders capable of succeeding on the global stage. Maya has been very effective in developing content and facilitating the seminars we have conducted with our leadership teams on these topics.

Justin Randles

Group Publisher Human Resources Magazine

“We engaged Maya Hu-Chan to be one of the headline speakers at our flagship annual conference, Talent Management Asia, in April 2015. In addition to bringing her unique perspective on cross-cultural management issues to the event, Maya was a joy to deal with. She was willing to take on additional duties to improve the conference, and she was a professional & enthusiastic presenter & moderator. I would be happy to recommend Maya as a speaker or moderator.”

Kristin Johnston, Training & Development Manager

CGG - Houston, Texas

I had the pleasure of working with Maya on the development of our pilot program, Managing Diverse Teams.  Developing people is a critical component of managing teams, yet a very tricky task when faced with myriad cultural differences among team members.  Rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach work for everyone in the team.  Maya’s experience and level of engagement in this topic was inspirational to our people, and Maya challenged them to think critically about their own leadership style and how to adapt it to achieve results.  She is approachable and funny, and has a knack for making different personalities all feel comfortable in the class, which results in meaningful discussion throughout the day.  We are looking forward to future sessions with Maya.

Wilcy Wong, Managing Director

Singapore & Indonesia, DFS

I have been working with Maya Hu-Chan from March 2013 – Nov 2014.  Maya was recommended to me by our Global Learning and Development Vice President.  I asked for a personal coach to help me develop my Executive Presence and strategic thinking abilities as I was just newly promoted to Vice President of Store Operations role at that time.   During our time together, Maya has inspired, challenged and gave motivation for me to become a better leader and a better person.  She encouraged me to leap outside of my comfort zone and normal activities.  I am a natural introvert, not good with socializing or networking.  But, my new position as the Vice President of Store Operations, networking with industry and landlord is a must.   Maya provided me with tips and encouragement through recommended reading, videos and talks.  With that, my confidence level built and I have gotten so much more better with the networking and building my executive presence.   Maya has really inspired me, she pushed me and help me set my own limitations.  She is a great coach and a great friend of mine!

Roger Chang, Country President

Applied Materials China

The world is rapidly changing, where only those best able to adapt will succeed.  Recognize your own strengths and discover your blind spots - that’s what Maya’s coaching has taught me, and that will make an enormous difference for my company and my career.

Claire Sun

Ingersoll Rand

I really appreciate Maya’s coaching over the past year to help me grow in many ways. She is a great coach specialized in global leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. She has been a positive influence in my career development, offering me a lot of inspiration and guidance to set and achieve stretch goals, tackle challenging issues, and realize my true potential. I really am grateful to have Maya as my coach!