Maya Hu-Chan is a featured speaker in Athena Online’s “My Quick Coach” series of videos.

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Preserving Face Across Cultures

People in certain cultures (Asia, specifically) tend to take face very seriously. Maya Hu-Chan discusses five ways to preserve face when dealing with cultures outside your own.

Communicating Effectively Across Cultures

Maya Hu-Chan shares five tips that will improve your communication when you are working across cultures other than your own.

Understanding Yes and No in Different Cultures

Even when we are speaking the same language with the same words, we may not always be on the same page. Maya Hu-Chan talks about what different cultures can mean when they use the words yes and no.

Writing Effective Global Emails

Email is an easy to use and efficient means of communication, but between different cultures, the meaning can be misunderstood. Maya Hu-Chan gives a few tips for writing clear and effective emails to global recipients.

Building Trust in Virtual Teams

Maya Hu-Chan shares some guidelines for creating trust between team members from diverse backgrounds who work from different locations.

Understanding Silence in Different Cultures

You might assume that silence means agreement, but that's not always the case. Maya Hu-Chan discusses the meaning of silence to various cultures.

Building Relationships in Virtual Teams

Strong relationships encourage open communication and collaboration. Maya Hu-Chan gives advice on creating connections with a team that is spread across different locations.

Building High Performing Virtual Teams

Maya Hu-Chan shares some tips for leaders who are managing virtual and cross-cultural teams.

Conducting Effective Global Conference Calls

If you've worked on global projects, you've probably been on conference calls with team members from various cultures. Maya Hu-Chan gives some tips for having an effective and clear call.

Dealing With Cross-Cultural Challenges

When a situation comes up that you don’t know how to address when dealing with colleagues of other cultures, there is a simple method to use. Maya Hu-Chan explains the DAB method.

Avoiding Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings

Maya Hu-Chan shares a few tips for clear communication between people of different cultures.

Delegating Effectively in Virtual Teams

In today’s world, many of us will work with team members who we will never meet face-to-face. Maya Hu-Chan outlines eight steps for delegation in virtual teams.