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Tired Of Mistakes? Try Helping Others Save Face

Interview with Steve Watkins | August 2020

The Concept Of Face With Maya Hu-Chan And Emotional Discipline With Edward Latimore

Interview with Dr. Diane Hamilton | August 2020

saving face webinar with leadx coach Amanda

Saving Face with Maya Hu-Chan | July 2020


School for Start-ups Radio Podcast | July 2020

Saving Face with Maya Hu-Chan

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast | June 2020

Saving Face – How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

Leading with Trust | June 2020

Are you causing someone to lose face?

SmartBrief | June 2020

Why the Smallest Acts of Leadership Are the Most Important

Inc. | June 2020

FACE Is Social Currency

Byron’s Babbles | June 2020

Saving Face: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

Skip Prichard | June 2020

The two words you need to start that tough conversation

LinkedIn BookIt | June 2020

IVY Digital Event with Maya Hu-Chan

IVY Thought Leaders | June 2020

How ‘Saving Face’ Cultivates High-Performance Culture

SupportingLines | June 2020

PART TWO: Giving Feedback Without Hurting Psychological Safety

Engaging Leader Podcast | June 2020

DIALOG with San Diego-based Maya Hu-Chan

Global Radio Talk Show | June 2020

Preserve Dignity and Build Trust by Helping Others Save Face

Grow Strong Leaders | June 2020

Book Review – Saving Face

The UPWards Leader | June 2020

Maya Hu-chan, Author of Saving Face

SkyTeam People First! | June 2020

How Do You Give Feedback Without Someone Losing Face?

Lead Change Group | June 2020

How to Avoid Damaging Your Relationships

Forbes | June 2020

Are You Calling Me Old and Fat?

Leadership Freak | June 2020

Saving Face for Others

Life as Leadership | June 2020

Saving Face as Leaders with Maya Hu-Chan

Keep Leading! Podcast with Eddie Turner | June 2020

Why Some Leaders Build Resilience While Others Cause Panic

CEOWORLD Magazine | June 2020

How to Apply Emotional Intelligence to Your Leadership | May 2020

What Steve Jobs’ Approach to Conflict Can Teach You About Leadership | May 2020

Meet Maya Hu-Chan

POWER of Appearance | May 2020

Special Guest: Maya Hu-Chan

Angry Teachers with Dr. Byron Ernest | May 2020

How to Create a Virtual Water Cooler

Remote Leadership Institute | May 2020 

Relearning How To Drive

Leader to Leader Journal | Summer 2020

Saving Face with Art Barter & Maya Hu-Chan

Servant Leadership Institute | Nov. 2020 

Saving Face is BPI’s 2020 Holiday Book Recommendations

Best Practices Institution | Dec. 2020 

Team Trust: How to Build In Spite of the Digital Barrier

LinkedIn News Live | Dec. 2020 

300th Episode Celebration podcast interview replay with Belinda Ellsworth

Work From Your Happy Place| Oct. 2020 

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