Coaching creates changes in behavior that helps leaders excel and grow. Maya and her team help their clients leverage their strengths and minimize their barriers to success, leading them with clarity and focus to their desired outcomes. 

Think of an airplane in flight. The tailwinds are the strengths that help you go faster. The headwinds are the barriers that slow you down. Effective coaching helps minimize the headwinds while maximizing the tailwinds, propelling you to your goals.

Maya and her team practice stakeholder-centered coaching, a methodology that reveals specific areas for improvement and focuses on lasting, measurable change. The process unfolds in four phases: assessment, coaching, stakeholder engagement, and measuring progress. Coachees are evaluated by the stakeholders who work closely with them, so feedback is timely and objective. It engages stakeholders throughout the development process and holds the leader accountable for their actions. 

Built on trust and respect, the methodology works: over 70 percent of Global Leadership Associates’ clients received promotions during or soon after their coaching engagement.

Global Leadership Associates has coached thousands of leaders in a wide range of industries and functions. The majority of their coaching clients are senior leaders in multinational organizations, in positions such as CEO, president, country manager, managing director, senior vice president, vice president, and director.

How is Maya’s Coaching Different?

  1. GLOBAL EXPERIENCE WITH MEASURABLE RESULTS, and here’s the measurement that counts: Over 70% of Maya’s coaching clients were promoted during or soon after the coaching engagement. Maya has worked globally from every corner of the world, but her mission remains the same – to advance the leadership effectiveness of her coachees that can lead to impactful results, not only for the organization, but also for the individual.
  2. TRANSFORMING LEADERS: from overbearing to respectful, from self effacing to self confident. Through her coaching, leaders develop self awareness, relational intelligence and executive presence. As a result, they are able to effectively manage up, lead their team, collaborate across functions, transition to the next level, and even become the face of the organization to the external world.
  3. STORY TELLING APPROACH: Maya uses stories and metaphors as effective coaching tools to bring home important insights to help leaders create internal shifts that lead to breakthrough results. She also helps leaders develop story telling and presentation skills to inspire and influence others.

[Maya] deftly and skillfully assisted me in tapping into my own intuition and experience. She created a container in which I could reflect, consider approaches and develop questions for my clients, without judgment or interference.

Chuck Berke, Ph.D. Executive Coach, Master Certified Coach

Maya would ask questions that helped me see how I was showing up, sometimes in ways that didn’t serve the client well. Once we both understood what was going on, we then co-created an approach that met client needs.

Scott Wakefield, Ph.D., ACC, Executive Coach

Maya works in partnership with you to determine your goals. Maya possesses that rare combination of having a practical methodology, an ability to listen on multiple levels, and a genuine empathy that makes her the ideal coach. 

Dan Nesselroth, Sony Electronics

Through the course of our work together Maya managed to fundamentally enhance the way I manage my team. Her knowledge of global leadership, both in theory and practice, is unparalleled, and her impact on me has been immeasurable.

Xiang Wang, President, Qualcomm China

Maya is an exceptional executive coach, and a true asset to my own professional and personal development. Her genuine concern for my success helped me realize my own potential in managing my team both here and abroad.

Rueybin Kao, former President of Motorola China, Chairman of Hewlett-Packard Asia

The world is rapidly changing, where only those best able to adapt will succeed. Recognize your own strengths and discover your blind spots – that’s what Maya’s coaching has taught me, and that will make an enormous difference for my company and my career.

Roger Chang, Country President, Applied Materials China

Maya has really helped me focus on what I most need to do to maximize my effectiveness. She often helps me accelerate my own thinking and focus on priorities through her experience, intelligence, and ability to ask the right questions.

Darlene J.S. Solomon, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, Agilent Technologies

Working with Maya has been a great experience as she helped me develop my own self-awareness and leadership skill with a clear focus on a global multi-cultural environment.

Dan Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Lenovo

Maya has provided me with a meaningful and memorable coaching experience. She provided me with a clearer understanding of how I view the business world and what that might mean when doing business in a cross-cultural environment.

Joan Waltman, President, QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions

If you are truly committed to becoming a better leader, then you need a coach like Maya to not only help you formulate the plan, but more importantly, help you achieve it.

Ken Wheatley, Senior Vice President Sony Electronics Inc.

Maya has coached a number of senior leaders at Illumina. Our leaders gained a greater insight into what makes good leaders great and it’s gratifying to see that all of the coachees were promoted during the coaching assignment or soon after.

Frank Lynch, Illumina

Maya impressed me with not just her professional prowess and expertise in coaching but also the genuine way she makes the connection. The sincerity of purpose is evident. The cross cultural sensitivities and dynamics one can imbibe from her coaching is invaluable.

Shankar Ram, Vice President, Humana

maya is the certified provider of:

Meeting maya
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach) by International Coach Federation 
  • Stakeholder-Centered Coaching (Master Level)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Extended DISC
  • InsideOut coaching
  • GlobeSmart
  • Cultural Navigator/COI
  • CDR 3-D Assessment Suite
  • Center for Creative Leadership 360 leadership assessment
  • Workplace Big 5
  • Coaching Supervision
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Hardiness Resilience Gauge

Maya connected very easily with the audience and won their respect and attention through her subject matter expertise and her engaging personality. What is special about her is that she unfailingly manages to draw out participation from the attendees and makes her core message sticky!

Devesh Rathore, Microsoft

Maya’s stimulating key-note speech was an eye-opening session for Danaher’s 100 women leaders from China, Japan, and Korea. Her vivid examples and tips on how to integrate work, family, self, and community provided participants a lot of tangible ideas and solutions.

Angie Lalor, Senior VP, HR, Danaher Corporation

We were delighted to feature Maya Hu-Chan at the NAAAP annual Leadership Convention. Maya outlined key skills needed to be a global leader and offered specific skills that we could develop to improve how we lead. I love how she made it relevant to her audience, by providing valuable insights and relatable experiences. 

Fabian J. De Rozario, National Board of Directors; Immediate Past National President

Maya Hu-Chan is an engaging and authentic presenter for large or small groups with varying levels of sophistication about doing global business. Maya is polished and prepared, conducting targeted research for every presentation, and applies her deep knowledge from consulting to multinational corporations and executives around the world.

Susan Diamond, Vice President, Chapter Chairs and Chief Learning Officer, Women Presidents’ Organization

Maya delivered a captivating, educating and very interactive talk to an audience of corporate executive women as well as entrepreneurs in Biotech and Life Sciences. She provided multiple practical insights supported by stories and case studies from her coaching practice how to avoid blind spots and manage perception.

Sibylle Hauser, WIB SOCAL, Vice Chair, Program Committee, Chair, MAPS Founders Peer Group, Co-Chair “The Entrepreneur Center”

Maya’s presentation far exceeded our expectations.  Her presentation was extremely informative, lively and interactive. All of the attendees walked away with many “nuggets” of valuable information.

Carol M. Olsby, GPHR, TietoEnator, Director, Global Human Resources, Chair, Global HR Consortium, SHRM WA Council International Director

Popular Keynotes

Maya tailors her speeches to each unique audience, while centering on her noted areas of expertise: global leadership, cross-cultural management and diversity and inclusion.

Keynote speech
  • Five Core Competencies for Global Leaders
  • Saving Face: Building Psychological Safety in the Diverse Workplace
  • Cultural Agility: Working Effectively Across Cultures
  • Women Leadership: Can I Have It All?
  • Doing Business in Asia: What You Need to Know
  • Leading with an Innovative Mindset
  • Leading Virtual, Global, Multicultural Team
  • Leaders as Coaches
  • Allyship: How to Support AAPI Community
  • Inclusive Leadership


The high-impact, action-oriented training sessions delivered by Global Leadership Associates include pragmatic applications that participants can immediately implement. Maya and her team customize these interactive sessions to each company’s unique development needs and business objectives.

New Online Program

Communicate Inclusively!
Authentic Engagement in our Diverse Workplace

As our world becomes increasingly diverse and polarized, the ability to connect with people, break down barriers, and build authentic relationships may be the most important task for today’s leaders. This experience-based program focuses on 5 core communication skills (B.U.I.L.D.) that enable leaders to move from awareness to actions in order to create an inclusive workplace that works for all.

Delivered in three 90-minute online sessions. Maximum 25 participants. Pre-work required.

  • Develop core skills for inclusive communication.
  • Create psychological safety in the workplace.
  • Listen to understand the facts, feelings and values.
  • Ask powerful questions to engage and empower others.
  • Open doors for challenging conversations.
  • Advocate and support others.

Leadership Workshops


SAVING FACE: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

“Face” represents a person’s self-esteem, self-worth, identity, reputation, status, pride, and dignity. Participants will learn to honor face to inspire excellence, save face for others to preserve dignity and build trust, and avoid causing others to lose face to build authentic, lasting relationships inside and outside the workplace.

Leaders as Coaches

When leaders coach, they are better at managing performance, maximizing employee potential and developing talents. Participants will learn a four-step coaching model and coaching tools to conduct challenging coaching conversations.

Building Inclusive Teams

Participants will develop practical strategies and skills to manage people across cultures, generations, genders, and thinking styles. The result: high-performing, inclusive teams that value — and leverage — human differences.

Effective Presentation Skills for Global Leaders

Participants will develop skills for high-impact presentations to a global and diverse audience, and learn to convey ideas with ease and confidence.

Effective Global Communication

Participants will learn common cross-cultural communication faux pas, develop cultural intelligence, and communicate effectively with people anywhere, anytime.

Five Core Competencies for Global Leaders

Participants will develop the critical leadership skills of thinking globally, appreciating diversity, developing technological savvy, sharing leadership and building partnership.

Leading Virtual Teams

Participants will develop practical skills to engage remote workers, manage performance, and build collaborative teamwork across cultures, geography and time zones.

Working Across Cultures Series

Participants will learn cultural nuances and the impact of culture on business, develop skills and strategies to work and communicate with multicultural teams successfully.

  • Doing Business with Asia 
  • Doing Business with U.S.A.
  • Working Globally



Maya is polished and prepared, conducting targeted research for every presentation, and applies her deep knowledge from consulting to multinational corporations and executives around the world to the particular issues of the specific audience which she is addressing.

Susan Diamond, Vice President, Chapter Chairs and Chief Learning Officer, Women Presidents’ Organization

Maya has been an important and trusted advisor for us. By virtue of her background and experience, she understands well our talent management challenges as the Asia Pacific region assumes even more importance and as we try to nurture a new, diverse generation of leaders capable of succeeding on the global stage.

Aiden O'Meara, President, VF Corporation, Asia Pacific

 Brookings prides itself on global presence, global impact, and global thinking. We were pleased to showcase Maya’s expertise at our executive education program. Thanks for sharing your energy, good humor, and knowledge with America’s public leaders. Your presentation contributed to the success of The Empowered Executive.

Liz Barron, The Brookings Institution

Maya Hu-Chan is without a doubt one of the most skilled and knowledgeable workshop leaders we have ever used.  In a very short period she has become our “go to” partner in helping our leaders improve their skills in working effectively across cultures–a skill set that is critical for Fluor’s continued success.

Tom Perryman, Fluor Corporation

Maya is an experienced, professional and knowledgeable training instructor. She has a very strong understanding of her field of expertise and was able to lead a 2-day workshop to meet my requested outcomes. This is an endorsement of her confidence, influencing skills and her knowledge of the materials.

Doug Farndale, Cisco Systems

I would like to express my appreciation for the fine work Maya did for our people in the Leadership & Management Program at University of California, San Diego. Maya’s great insights coupled with real world experience is very helpful to bring understanding about the best way to work with people of other cultures.

Gary De Spain, University of California, San Diego

Maya is an outstanding partner and collaborator as we designed and delivered the program for our high potential future leaders in Greater China Group. Her ability to listen carefully to our requirements and deliver flawlessly is truly impressive. Maya’s engaging and energetic style has and continues to be an important ingredient to the success of the program.   

Elizabeth B. Wood, IBM

Maya is a consummate professional and a wonderful person. Maya modeled great partnering behaviors. As a result of her focus on our success, we now have a custom solution that is operationalized in a way that meets our needs.  Without hesitation, I recommend Maya as an excellent business partner and look forward to our continued collaboration!

Patty McKay, LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc.

Maya has been a great asset for my group. She brings a deep international and organizational knowledge to help increase our inclusive culture. Even more impressive is her friendly, yet strong, approach. She has a way of bringing out the best in people.

Neal Manowitz, Sony Electronics

I had the pleasure of working with Maya on the development of our pilot program, Managing Diverse Teams. Maya’s experience and level of engagement in this topic was inspirational to our people, and Maya challenged them to think critically about their own leadership style and how to adapt it to achieve results. 

Kristin Johnston, CGG

Maya dedicated huge efforts in understanding our organization’s needs and designed a wonderful program for us. Running the program with people coming from all over the world and with very diverse cultural backgrounds, she showed an extraordinary adaptability and flexibility towards each group and individual participant.

Judith Eberl, Senior Director of HR, Generali Group

Maya is an experienced, professional and knowledgeable consultant. I have been lucky enough to work closely with her on various virtual team initiatives for our company and have seen Maya provide insightful information, industry best practices and easy to implement practical tips which are changing the way our employees manage globally.

Stephanie McMurrey, Qualcomm Learning Center