"How will you know whether your coaching is effective?”

Good question.  A good way to answer this would be to look at our results. 70% of the leaders coached by Maya were promoted during the coaching engagement or soon after the coaching was completed.
This is precisely why the Stakeholder-Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith is unique from other coaching methodologies.
We measure the coaching results, both quantitatively and qualitatively on a regular basis. Coachees are evaluated by the stakeholders who work closely with them day in and day out, so the feedback is objective, timely, and brutally honest.  It holds the leaders accountable for their actions, and engages stakeholders throughout the development process.

Meeting maya

Maya’s coaching creates positive, measurable and lasting changes in behavior that helps leaders excel in their roles and leap over the obstacles to their personal and professional fulfillment.

An effective coach creates an atmosphere of trust and respect while also dealing with challenges head on. Her proven system reveals specific areas for improvement unique to each client. It unfolds in four phases: assessment, coaching, stakeholder engagement and measuring progress.

Maya and her team have coached thousands of leaders in a wide range of industries and functions. The majority of her clients are senior leaders in multi-national organizations, in positions such as CEO, president, country manager, managing director, senior vice president, vice president and director.

As a coach, Maya is a certified provider for:

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Master Coach)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Extended DISC
  • InsideOut
  • GlobeSmart
  • Cultural Orientations Indicators
  • Cultural Navigator


services speech

Maya is a dynamic and highly experienced corporate trainer who has worked in leading companies around the world. These 10 training programs can be customized for your needs.


Maya Hu-Chan is an expert presenter with a warm, engaging and relatable style. She has lectured at The Brookings Institution, the University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University, The University of Chicago, Dartmouth College and the University of California, San Diego. She also speaks at corporate and public conferences around the world.

While she develops a unique speech for each event, her talks often focus on her noted areas of expertise: global leadership, executive coaching and cross-cultural management. Common keynote and conference speech topics include:

  • Global Leadership: The Next Generation
  • Cultural Agility: The Secret Weapon of 21st Century Business
  • Tapping the Talent and Potential of Women Leaders
  • Doing Business in Asia: What You Need to Know
  • Building Inclusivity in a Diverse Workplace
  • The Five Core Competencies Every Global Leader Needs
  • Coaching Leaders for Global Success
  • Lead with a Global Lens
  • Leading & Managing Virtual Teams


  • Kristin Johnston
    “Developing people is a critical component of managing teams, yet a very tricky task when faced with myriad cultural differences among team members. Rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach work for everyone in the team. Maya’s experience and level of engagement in this topic was inspirational to our people, and Maya challenged them to think critically about their own leadership style and how to adapt it to achieve results. She is approachable and funny, and has a knack for making different personalities all feel comfortable in the class, which results in meaningful discussion throughout the day. We are looking forward to future sessions with Maya.”
    Kristin Johnston
    Training & Development Manager
    Houston, Texas
  • Sherri Neasham, CEO
    “Maya Hu-Chan has a gift for the balance between tough love and empathy. She insists on dealing with brutal reality but always provides warmth and assurance in like measure. She requires self-responsibility but always stands ready to be a loyal, supportive wingman.” 
    Sherri Neasham, CEO

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