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The Untapped Potential of Feedback

The Untapped Potential of Feedback

Giving feedback is routine for leaders. But don't let the everyday nature of feedback fool you -- a single moment of giving feedback can have momentous impact, especially if the way it is delivered results in someone losing face. Consider one of my clients, Mark. Mark...

This Is the One Thing You Can Do to Keep Your Best Workers

Research consistently shows that the top reason people leave their jobs isn't related to compensation, benefits, or even opportunities for career growth: It is that they don't feel appreciated. Recently, I've been writing about the Asian cultural concept of saving...

Why ‘Saving Face’ is More than Just a Saying

In a recent article, I described the Asian concept of "face" and discussed how it is a universal concept that serves as social currency in family, friendship and business. In this article, I'd like to explore one of the keys to using face successfully: authenticity....

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