You’ve heard of Facebook. But have you heard of Face Bank? The term might be unfamiliar to many, but the most effective HR professionals count on it to overcome cultural barriers, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and preserve dignity for all parties involved for a win-win outcome.

Face represents one’s self-worth, identity, reputation, status, pride, and dignity. It is a universal concept beyond its origins in Asia. The concept of face permeates all levels of social and business interactions. It speaks to the common human desire to be accepted and respected.

For over 25 years, as an executive coach and author, I have witnessed the ways most effective leaders galvanize and incentivize their teams to do their best work.

In this recording from my keynote, I shared the essential concepts of honoring, losing, and saving face so HR leaders can effectively manage tough conversations, build authentic relationships and create a culture of psychological safety for their teams and organization.

In this keynote presentation and subsequent workshop, you will learn:

  • What does it mean to apply the concept of Face at work, and why is losing face such a bad thing?
  • How do you build up the “face account” and avoid the risk of “overdraft”?
  • How do you help others save face while holding them accountable when delivering negative feedback?
  • How do HR leaders apply the BUILD model to create psychological safety, accountability, and forge authentic relationships with colleagues across cultural, generational, and gender differences?